Originally billed as “1 Day, 2 Stages, 3+ DJs and 14+ Bands,” the inaugural RENO BLOCK PARTY launched in 2011.  Organizers slung 17 bands, in total, on and off two stages in a whirlwind of frenzied independent and unsigned local artists.

Started according to Charles Doyle, to expose people in the area to an art culture that Charles Doyle said is booming but largely unnoticed. “I’m trying to give people a platform for people to see things that are absolutely amazing,” he said. “Things you can’t buy.”

People flooded Wingfield Park for the FREE concert as performance artists on stilts ambled by and visual artists set up shop, displaying their work.

Musical artists like the Kanes gave gutsy performances in Burning Man “hair on fire” fashion.  Doyle sees Reno as “a gateway to Burning Man.”  Reno seems to be a hub of traffic for people who come and go to the weeklong art and music festival out on the playa.  From seeing the inaugural launch of the RENO BLOCK PARTY, and its artistic fruits and efforts, a good deal of it stays here.

“We are so excited over the success of the inaugural Reno Block Party and its draw from the community, that we can’t wait to do it again,” said the late Assistant Coordinator of the Event Jessica Blaze Smith.  Smith just passed away at the very young age of 30.  The RENO BLOCK PARTY will be doing it again in her honor on June 30, 2012.

The Reno Block Party is a 2nd annual music and arts festival that draws upon and showcases local and regional artists and musicians, amongst others. Launched in 2011 this annual event will have live bands, DJ’s, multiple live performance stages and great food and drinks for ALL ages.

 This is by far the Best Party of the SUMMER and it’s FREE.


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